Mar 21, 2008

this is mostly just for my records.

things we did in seattle:
toodramatic pictures at the water tower at volunteer park.
bruce lee/brandon lee's grave-drive-by

just thought about life at the ballard locks.
gas works park at night.
ate at: dick's, beth's, thai65, serious pie, piroshky, the donette cart at pike's, dahlia bakery and madame k's (favorite: donettes. best foodserious. most risque atmospheremadame k's)
underground tour

were the only people without children at the Seattle Aquarium (there were no whales. but there were otters)
Seattle Art Museum-most crowded museum i've ever been in. and i don't get the hanging cars thing. (all museums in seattle are free on the first thursday of each month, for future reference.)
Pike Place Market-flowers, donettes, wood block cards, gum wall.
Space Needle (you all know what that looks like)

used Self-Timer to the max at Fremont Troll

pioneer Square-didn't stop a book thief that ran by us (saddest moment of the trip)
golden gardens beach (see 3.13.08's post)
bought pants we're unsure about (and wore them immediately)
ferry ride to bainbridge-mora ice cream (NOT gelato), sweet deal boutique
dr. mario
played with a Cougar
showed the locals how Guitar Hero (and Guess Who?) are done (and they showed us how Bubble Tea is done)
walked to (un)safeway
one-upped eachother
flipped our hair

Things we did not do in Seattle:
Olympic Sculpture Park
Tour the chocolate factory in Fremont
wake up early
Experience Music Project
finish my book
run out of things to do
tour jones soda-because it doesn't exist
asian art museum-because that's not what we're into
the conservatory-because it closes at 4pm in the winter


heather said...

perfect recap. i loved the part where we "didn't stop" ha ha

katie said...

hi kate, bet you didn't know that i stalk your blog. hope that's okay. i love these pictures. it's kind of peder's and my old stomping ground. all these places bring back soooo many memories. i've never seen that troll though. next time we're up seeing the in-laws for sure!
but the asian art museum is actually really cool!

Allison said...

i love that you took dramatic pictures. i hate that i can't click and blow up the pictures so i can creepily examine every inch of each photo (i mostly wanted to see the pictures with the troll because it looks to me like someone is running to get in the pictures and i think that might have been funny to look at close up).

kake said...

i know. i can't figure out why it won't let you make the pictures giant. it's annoying.
(hi katie!)