Mar 17, 2008

mama mia

having my mom stay a few days with me is wonderful for a whole lotta reasons. having someone to talk to about nothing/anything/everything while baking mini carrot cupcakes at 10pm on a sunday night not being the least of them.

speaking of my mom (as i often do), i think i've semi-pegged one of the reasons i like her so much. and that is that she is completely content in her reality. it's remarkable really. we (my family) recently discussed (blogged about) what each of our "perfect" days would be. she took the liberty of posting multiple times and each one of them were so realistic it was almost funny. in one of them, nothing happened at all. and that was the perfection of it. i can't tell if i'm describing it well or not. but if you know her, you know what i mean and you know why it's so remarkable. i think being completely content in your reality is a pretty good definition of a pretty good kind of happiness. isn't it? like, it's a pretty good goal to have? it's just that everything in life is how you look at it. every single thing. so i'm trying to figure out how to look at things. i think i'll start with a content reality outlook and see how it goes.


Lyle said...

I remember my dad telling me about your mom, about 35-40 years ago, that she was very resilient, that she had an ability to roll with the punches. In a way, that's what you are describing here.

Emilee said...

Plus, she always seems like someone that nothing fazes. I guess that's just another way of saying the same thing, but wow, she might be irritated, she might be frustrated or surprised, but never thrown for a loop. I always admired that about Aunt Rachel.

bec said...

and she travels so well, she is so easy and pleasant to have around. does everyone else get how lucky we are?