Sep 25, 2006

Travel without legal guardians is exciting.**

"Enthusiasm is contagious. Start an epidemic." -Bumper Sticker

I see this every day. On the marquee at Thanksgiving Point. And every day I wonder the same thing. Since when is Bumper Sticker a proper noun? A reliable source for quoting?

It would be nice to have a boyfriend around to do things like pick me up from the airport.

No offense, Brother. It's just so cute when boyfriends pick girlfriends up from the airport.

Sep 21, 2006

karmic inspiration

Sometimes reading other people's blogs makes me want to never write again. This happens for a few reasons, I think. Maybe because then I am responsible for that knowledge and the more knowledge I have the harder it is to be appropriately respectful and original in my own posting. I start getting this paranoia that anything I write is only a regurgitated form of someone else's post and that they did it better anyway. Suppose we've the same audience, and then I'm no better than Sara. I don't want to be Sara.

Sep 20, 2006

Sep 17, 2006

i've never been as __________ as i am this weekend.

go ahead. fill in the blank. anything works.

Sep 16, 2006

Sep 14, 2006

find me a find, catch me a catch.

Just because person A and person B are both loved by person C does not mean that person A and person B are a match made in Heaven. Regardless of any contradictions this may pose to basic mathematical beliefs. (such as those displayed below)

right ON. i meant right ON. i swear. just leave my sister alone.

Dear Target Gods,
I am writing this post in hopes of making amends for my previous one. My previous post was written in haste and is a severe mis-judgement of Target's superiority. In fact, I'd been meaning to correct myself on this very issue. Turns out, after prolonged exposure to your cereal bars, I can't get enough. To think that anything hailing from your magnificent corporation would not provoke such feelings is a gross fallacy. I should have known. I should have waited. I should have eaten more cereal bars. I should have trusted. I suppose you know what sparked this retraction, as it was an event sent from your own hands. My sister's dream. To refresh your memory, from the mouth of the victim:

I had a dream last night that I think came from the angry Target Gods. I was coming out of Target after buying a valentine card for Adam. A huge gang of scary punk rockers started following me. Two girls came up and tried to steal my purse but I talked them out of it. Then I ran to my car and they all started climbing on my car, I had to drive crazy to throw them off the car. I might have hit a couple of them too. I haven't been to Target for more than a month. I feel a little guilty.

Now, I've never dealt with you in quite this way before but I'm assuming, from this dream stunt, that you operate a bit like karma. And you're making your way back to me. Through those I love. I get it. I get this. I get you. And I'll get mine. But please, I beg you, forgive my foolishness. And leave the unconscious of my loved ones to their rightful fate of sunflowers, Forever 21 and reunions in Tahoe and leave the punk rockers and vehicular manslaughter out of this. I love you, Target. But I don't have to like you right now.

hello. i totally paused.

Dangerous things I've done while driving my manual transmission car (in no particular order of dangerosity and with no exaggeration):

-eat bowls of cereal, oatmeal, ice cream
-tweeze eyebrow hairs
-text message
-read a book
-eat frozen yogurt (in a cup, with a spoon)
-talking on the phone to my sisters
-check an email on my laptop (for directions)
-write shopping lists, birthday cards, etc.
-taking and sending pictures with my phone

I also drive in the carpool lane. I don't know how this happened. Commuting 90 miles a day for a year, maybe? I start thinking I own the roads.

dancing with the stars

"Last season, Master P's heart just wasn't in it."

Sep 10, 2006

Sep 8, 2006

i stole this from megan

Kate needs a shave.
Kate needs to be able to reload a file automatically.
Kate needs to sell her locket to get money for the shell game.
Kate needs to meet the mayor of Israeli.
Kate needs a hand.
Kate needs to trust Angel.
Kate needs a cocktail.
Kate needs to find a way to deal with stress that doesn't involve nicotine or booze.
Kate needs to be genuine.
Kate needs your help.
Kate needs more than a glad bag of coke for an evening.
Kate needs to be exposed for everything evil she has done.
Kate needs to be brought to her knees.

It's easy, guys. Just search "(your name) needs" in google. or make up sentences. or use any verb you want. (kate wishes she could control time, kate wishes these eggs were fertilized, kate loves a mystery TV show, etc)

i'm 21 for crying out loud

is it so wrong for me to not want to go on a date ever again with someone i don't know/have nothing in common with/wears necklaces, kswiss, etc/i will never love/is shorter than me/doesn't even know me? i mean, life's kind of at that point where i get to choose, right? i mean, i don't have to marry someone i don't even like, do i? i mean, it's okay to say 'no'? i mean, it's okay if 'the date' gets dropped from my legendary nickname and i'm just 'kate'? no skin off my nose? right?

sister act

similarly colored hair and a shared taste for good fashion is not enough to make two people related.

Sep 5, 2006

right off

don't you dare get me wrong, target gets A LOT of things right. i mean, no one can beat their clearance racks or their knock-off shoe selection or their modern yet affordable housewares. but, when it comes to cereal bars, they less than hit a bull's eye. I prefer even Sunbelt to Market Pantry on this one. The inside is some fruityish substance, the consistency of which is undefinable. and the outside, although edible, is crumbly and just not enough to make up for it's amoeba like filling. sorry, target. i still love you. and your commercials.

oh. hey reality.

welcome back.

Sep 4, 2006

which ward are we in?

i just want to do the right thing here.

Sep 1, 2006

good news

i love my new house. nothing beats life in the basket. i got a raise today. which means i can pay tuition after all. 'early' day actually meant early day today. i've been using the phrase 'rockin' robin' in all kinds of sweet contexts. my sister-in-law is pregnant. my pockets are full of candy corn taffy. i just finished eating a BBQ'd burger and already have two more BBQs on the horizon. no work on monday. new ward on sunday. equals all my church clothes are brand new again because no one knows the difference. our kitchen window is huge and cheerful. it's 75 degrees outside. i currently have 3 nephews being potty trained. hunter anderson is my cousin. i'm headed to Target in T minus twenty.