Sep 8, 2006

i'm 21 for crying out loud

is it so wrong for me to not want to go on a date ever again with someone i don't know/have nothing in common with/wears necklaces, kswiss, etc/i will never love/is shorter than me/doesn't even know me? i mean, life's kind of at that point where i get to choose, right? i mean, i don't have to marry someone i don't even like, do i? i mean, it's okay to say 'no'? i mean, it's okay if 'the date' gets dropped from my legendary nickname and i'm just 'kate'? no skin off my nose? right?


upto12 said...

no skin off the nose. none at all.

Robert Anderson said...

I was with you until you mentioned KSwiss that blasphemy should not go unpunished