Sep 8, 2006

i stole this from megan

Kate needs a shave.
Kate needs to be able to reload a file automatically.
Kate needs to sell her locket to get money for the shell game.
Kate needs to meet the mayor of Israeli.
Kate needs a hand.
Kate needs to trust Angel.
Kate needs a cocktail.
Kate needs to find a way to deal with stress that doesn't involve nicotine or booze.
Kate needs to be genuine.
Kate needs your help.
Kate needs more than a glad bag of coke for an evening.
Kate needs to be exposed for everything evil she has done.
Kate needs to be brought to her knees.

It's easy, guys. Just search "(your name) needs" in google. or make up sentences. or use any verb you want. (kate wishes she could control time, kate wishes these eggs were fertilized, kate loves a mystery TV show, etc)


upto12 said...

Matt needs prayers, and help and maybe just a balloon, a rainbow or a little fairy dust now and then.


Obvious Expert said...

Kate needs a hero that is not her brother.