Mar 29, 2010

Hugh Grant said it better

Sometimes I get bogged down by the state of the world. (Is that the opening line from Love Actually? I don't wanna look it up.) And I don't even know a thing about the real state of the world. All I know about is me and the people I know. And still, so much tragedy and sadness and misfortune and unfair circumstances. And no one deserves these things, but especially not such great people. And so on. And because I'm foolish, I let this get me down. But kinda right when it seems like this is all such a joke, with all this sadness, I think for a second more or I look around or I look up or I visit a friend or I hear birds chirping or something equally mundane but necessary happens. And what do you know but there's also an absurd amount of good in my same tiny sphere. And so much love and joy and fortune and caring and faith. And I can hardly believe it. And I wonder if maybe some day I'll be able to see it that way without seeing it the gloomy way first.

Mar 24, 2010

Mar 22, 2010

I like it when we look like sisters

What a good day this was.
And a bonus:

Mar 17, 2010


It's things like these self-portraits being posted on our family blah that seriously make me consider leaving at 6pm for a 4-hour drive/researching last minute same-day flights just to say hello to some bunnies. Unbeatable.

Everyone's Right and I'ma Girl

The Liberty of London stuff at Target really is as great as the internet's been telling us it is. Like, I was sad the other day because taking care of my little sister isn't my responsibility anymore so I did the natural thing and took a few hours to wander the aisles at Target. Right decision! So many great things! (piggy banks! picture frames! dishes! bikes! garden tools! hat boxes! dresses!). And whattaya know, a few new paper products in pretty colors/patterns and everything was gonna be okay again.

Still Have a Crush parts II, III and IV




Mar 15, 2010

yep, still have a crush on him

definitely rather date a rock star than a movie star.

howww are these shoes not on sale yet?

{Like 80% off would be nice. Thanks, guys!}

Why should we think to earn a great reward If we now shun the fight?

Really good point.

Mar 12, 2010

the only thing getting me through this day

i want my own press

after a day of work and a night of printing, i have a few crucial priorities:
friday night lights

Mar 11, 2010

silver fox

Today I learned that wearing a sparkly sweater doesn't turn your hair un-gray/purple. It just makes you feel like this lady. I guess this stuff really works. I smell like an old bar of soap. You can't really see the color of my hair in this picture but I think the disappointment in my fogged-up eyes speaks for itself. Maybe I should stop trying 'new beauty things' slash start 'reading product labels'.

Mar 9, 2010

they win

best ones:

Knives and forks and scissors! On she dress!
Next time someone asks me who I'd want to play me in a movie about my life (hopefully this never happens), I've got 2 solid answers ready.

proof-but mostly of the bunnies

Some day I'll have real pictures of the wedding festivities but I guess we'll start here. Also, I'm guessing there will be at least 4 more posts about this. Consider yourselves warned.

winking willw

clean-up dance party

babies taking pictures of babies

she's actually porcelain

i wish i were as pretty as izzybell

he's dangerous

the napkins were cute

the lanterns were striking

chubby clean baby in tight pajamas-the ultimate combo

Mar 7, 2010

A few hours ago

The crowds of cousins, etc. had just left the house. Dad brought the last of the folding chairs inside but we hadn't gone back out to wash the tables off yet. And then! A flash desert storm did it for us. With fancy lightning and enough rain in 4 minutes to thoroughly soak the earth and send one of my favorite smells through the air. That's just kinda how this weekend's gone. I'm so happy and I'm so tired and I'm so happy.

Mar 3, 2010

i know i'm kinda on vacation but

i wanna go to the beach. soon.