Jul 8, 2014

Spring Break: Utah

After our days in Henderson, we drove up to Utah and met Regan there to spend a few days with the Johnsons. Tramp time, aquarium time, lots of fast food time, giant house time, funny themed family party time, more unaccompanied backyard play time, and tons of cousin time. We loved it. 

May 22, 2014

Spring Break: Nevada

We crashed my siblings' spring break trip in Henderson this March and it was wonderful. Gwen and I were saved by a very nice Jetblue worker who got us our own row for the 6-hour nighttime flight out which I was a little worried about (since I didn't really have a lap for her to sit on. And it's 6 hours.) Once we got to Henderson, it was all cousins and sunshine and outside playing and a different cold treat every time I turned around. Thank goodness for the older cousins who think it's fun to follow a toddler around and do whatever she wants all day long. We ate outside for every meal and the temperature was so perfect, the kind where you can't even feel the air around you except for a subtle breeze. Henderson weather October-April is just hard to beat. I think my favorite thing was that Gwen would come in covered in sticky, dirty everything at night. The sign of a day well spent. Then she'd wake up in the morning saying "kids? outside? play?" It made me wish all the cousins could be neighbors and live this life non-stop. What could go wrong with that?

May 2, 2014

Baby Baby

We're at the point in my pregnancy where the midwife asks questions like "how's your pelvis holding up?" And my answer is something kinda iffy. These kinds of questions make it pretty hard to ignore the fact that I'll soon deliver another baby and then have 2 kids. Forever. Second pregnancies are weird, at least mine has been. It's still magical but just a totally different mindset/etc. than with the first. And way fewer of those 12-hour nights of sleep I had the first time around. We're definitely very excited to meet this boy but it's just different. It's been way faster and also sorta slower (to me). You know, that old trick time does. Anyway, we're finally working our way through the 'Before Baby' honey-do list (but obviously I fill it up as quickly as we empty it). I'm slowly cleaning out every drawer/area I can in our apartment to find any possible thing to get out of here. Of course, by the time I get to the last area, the first one will be messy again. Even with only 600 square feet to manage, it seems like things are never all put together at the same time.

As for Gwen, I'm trying to get out and have fun with her during these nice Spring weeks before baby but I also just found out Costco has Ben & Jerry's by the quart so sometimes we just stay in. Gwen's getting pretty good at working the ipad (I have mixed feelings about this but I have a feeling it might save my life in about a month.) and she's reverting back to "baby mode" right on schedule, asking to be swaddled/rocked/sung to. Also, every time she hears a baby cry she says "aww, baby, shh shh go to sleep." I'm sure that won't get old! It's gonna to be a wild ride for a while, but seems like she's up for anything.

Apr 24, 2014

Kentucky Surprise

For Veronica's 30th birthday in March, Kyle surprised her with a visit from Gwen and I for a few days. Lucky us! I admit I was pretty flattered to be someone's birthday surprise. Mostly we just lived our normal mom lives together (but with cars and a yard and cable tv, etc.) which is my favorite type of visit. Let's do this every birthday??
Making Hop a comfy spot to fly
Cora and Gwen had never met but they got right to work running with their bunnies.
The universal sign of bonding.
Birthday pizza followed by Birthday cakeDouble stroller at the zoo
Not caring that there's a BEAR in the back of that truck
Not trusting the carousel (or letting me hold on to her while it went)
Just moms being moms
Squished buddies
The best kind of traveler is a sleeping one

Feb 10, 2014

18 Months

Well, due to pregnancy blah, instagram, polar vortexes, etc. there are no longer cute monthly photoshoots/updates happening over here. But I do like keeping track of what Gwen's doing so here we go. She's talking more every day and it's hard not to want to tell every person about every new word. Some of the best:
"pastis"- pasta
"hop hop" - bunny
"appasauce" - applesauce
"uhpease" - help please
"ess eww" - bless you
"puh puh" - pillow
"ket ket" - blanket
"ne" - gwennie? me?
And of course "mama" and "daddy". Never mind the fact that every woman is mama and every man is daddy. Like, we were flipping through a magazine the other day and on one page, Abraham Lincoln was "daddy" and on the next page a young Asian kid was "daddy". But anyway. She treats Hop and her other buddies like she's their mom and rocks them, leans down and talks to them when they're in their stroller, introduces them to me, gives them bites of her snacks, washes them with wipes, takes her clothes off to put them on them. It's just precious. She likes to draw and Regan swears she's left-handed (like him). She prefers to have a pillow with her for reading, diaper changing, pretty much anything. Her favorite place in the house is wrestling on the bed. Followed closely by the basket of blankets behind the couch where she can stare out the window and see all the dogs and birdies go by. In the last week she has had some rough tumbles, a pukey sickness and she's started (fine, perfected) tricking us into stalling bedtime and other adorable/not adorable tactics. Basically, she switches between baby and big kid about 20 times a day. I can't wait to see her ignore love a baby brother.