Feb 6, 2015

Fred: Eight Months

I honestly thought I was 1 or 2 months behind on these. I'm delusional.

Crawling (since 6 months), clapping, squirming, waving, babbling, smiling, eating, exploring, charming, pulling up to stand, snatching everything in sight, sorta sleeping at night


Liz said...

He looks so different! His face has changed a lot I think. But he still has blue eyes!

Jimboborazzala said...

Why are his little chubby legs and toes so hilarious? 8 months seems so long. 8 months seems so short.
(this is bean)

shayna said...

You just have such pretty kids! I love his thighs and his eyes.

momacita said...

His face looks older. The authorized biography of Fred Greaves Johnson will not have quite as much material to work with as Gwen Elizabeth Johnson. Perhaps his history will be an appendix to her multi-volume tome.