Mar 28, 2007

give me the simple life

What going to Ephraim, UT for a day makes me think/remember:

- I like Ephraim, UT
- I love old houses/things/towns/people/cars/fences/buildings/cemeteries
- It feels really good to look up on the stand at church and see Bob Trythall and Doug Barton
- I can still do the Chester Challenge (hold my breath through an entire town.)
- Sometimes a group of people are just in the right place at the right time and it’s just a magical time that can never be re-created and will continue to become more and more idyllic in my mind as time goes by
- It feels nice to go where everybody knows your name (and they’re always glad you came)
- The Utah Poof/2005 clothing styles are alive and well
- Turkey farms still don’t smell good
- My dad is a very hard worker and I’ll never understand the life he’s lived
- The Manti temple will forever hold a special place in my heart
- I don’t want to be 86 and on my 14th? year of living alone
- I wouldn’t mind living in a town where I could walk anywhere I ever needed to go
- I’m still glad I didn’t marry Jordan Thompson
- Dyrengs are good people
- I don’t mind driving the speed limit through small towns
- Anyone can have a giant house with an elephant out front, in Fountain Green, get over it

Mar 27, 2007


Mar 23, 2007

I'm sawry Anne, what else can I do?

I would like to formally apologize to every friend, sibling, date (prom or otherwise), roommate, boyfriend, parent of children I'm babysitting, party guest, cousin, etc. that I have fallen asleep in front of. Mostly I fall asleep 10 minutes into any movie, no matter the setting. But also just conversation or Sega or SNL or life will put me to sleep. I guess this really bothers people sometimes and I'd never really thought about how this made anyone else feel until some recent complaints were filed with me. Veronica says it's because "I'm the glue" and that's the nicest part of any complaint I've ever heard and probably not true. I guess people feel abandoned or unimportant or just really alone when the person next to them is asleep. I never meant you to feel this way. Unless I did. But probably I didn't. At any rate, I apologize. I won't promise I won't do it again because it seems i'm incapable of going to bed at night without falling asleep at least one other place first.
Actually, while I'm at it, I might as well apologize for anything else I've ever done that might warrant an apology. Sorry.

seventh inning stretch

i love baseball. i love hot dogs at baseball games. i love fireworks after baseball games. i love listening to umpires call strikes. i love board games and churros after a baseball game. good night.

Mar 20, 2007

luke and kakie's day (and night and day) of fun

what a disaster

baby showers are easy

you just need:
good food
old roons
onesie creating
a pregnant ally cat

Mar 17, 2007

march 17, 2006

this happened:

(thank you, joshua, for taking these photos. no one would have believed it. i wouldn't have believed it.)

Mar 16, 2007

matthew fox

could not have a more appropriate last name. go see We Are Marshall.

if i see one more wedding/engagement picture where the couple are standing against a wall, holding hands, and not smiling

i'm going to shoot myself.

Mar 12, 2007

i just spent $28 on Girl Scout cookies.

Today was pay-up day for the cookies I ordered a while ago. I must have been feeling really hungry or really generous that day because I ordered 7 boxes. I didn't even see the little girl in person. it was just an order form filled out in a 7-year-old's handwriting. and that's all it took, some shaky penmanship, and i was 28 dollars poorer. it's a good thing she wasn't here in person and it's a good thing she didn't have blonde pigtails and it's a very good thing she didn't have a lisp. Imagine if she'd had a lisp! oh...i'm a sucker for a lisp....
p.s. come over and eat some cookies. please.

WHY am i not wearing a skirt right now?

Isn't it kind of a drag when the qualifying event for all of your goals finally happens? Then there's no reason to not accomplish them. Kind of a drag and kind of a refreshing kick in the pants, i guess. Some things I have no reason not to accomplish now that "when it gets warmer" is happening:
-being on time to work
-reading more books
-dressing cuter (skirt weather!)
-finishing college
-moving to salt lake
-cooking real meals
-starting (and finishing) a business

Mar 8, 2007

If you've never seen Love Actually, shame on you.

And if you've never seen non-cleanflicks Love Actually, well, you're missing a few storylines, a few intimate scenes and a few very good lines. Like right here, when Sam and his dad decide to go get Joanna. Sam says: "Let's go get our heads kicked in by love." I guess that type of realism isn't allowed in PG-13 movies? Anyway, it's really just so good.

my most recent attempt at willing spring into springing

i'm not really sure what else i could possibly do.

Mar 7, 2007

holy cow.

it's 2007. two thousand and seven. !

Mar 6, 2007

subject: Beautiful Surfer Girl

I wish so badly that Hotmail would have had more storage capacities in 2001. Because I know of many many emails from such pen pals as Brandon Barrow and John Tall that I would really love to read right now. I do, though, remember the subject of the first email Johnny ever wrote me (see above). And I do, though, have handwritten letters from him. And I do, though, have the memories of my friend hooking up with and my sister telling off and my feet moving quickly to avoid Mr. Brandon Barrow. Ha. What a life I've lived.

If you never see me again

It's because i JUST discovered that we own this. And I can't get past the moving underwater blocks in Chemical Plant Act 2. And I love fast feet. p.s. Tails' full name=Miles "Tails" Prower. Miles Prower. Sound it out, it's funny.

I'm 5'5". It's not that hard to be taller than me.

bowling 1.0 tonight.

Mar 5, 2007

sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

summer's on its way


horizontal stripes=so good
smirks=so so good

if you don't believe me, watch this.

Mar 4, 2007

i like struck and the parties they throw. i like my job.

friends are everywhere.

mini creme brulee - the best combination of any 3 words? ever?

free taffy. free cotton candy taffy.

i'm back.