May 31, 2007

my weekend

bridge to tearsaplethora

I really loved this movie. Now I'm reading the book. So good. I want my imagination back.

what a croc

I stayed up really late in Wyoming watching this show because I'd heard so much about it. Plus, if there's ever a place to put me in the mood for Man Vs. Wild, it's Wyoming. Anyway, after 2 hours, I decided that I believe about 15% of what I see on this show. I mean, I believe the tips he gives, I believe that the scenery and animals are real. but as far as him actually ever being dangerously dehydrated or in grave danger. give me a break. those strategic shirt tears and mud streaks aren't fooling me. there's a camera crew with you. they have water and food. and some way to sleep. and probably guns.

May 29, 2007

wild bill

May 25, 2007

'whizzers' according to google

why i typed the word:

May 23, 2007

On the side

I've been doing some freelance work for Grey's Anatomy Magazine.

May 20, 2007

it just makes me sad

when i finally have to give in to the fact that the idea of someone is just so much better than the reality of them will ever be.

May 18, 2007

why does having thirteen people ask me if/when i'm going to this make me want to hate it? i don't want to hate it. i don't hate it. i like it.

I really like these skins for laptop/ipod. They offer great protection and a bit of unique style. Matt got me this one for my nano when he went to Macworld:

I really love it.
I also really love these:

Matt's pick:

come dine with me, come dine, come dine away

Tomorrow's the last day! Here's the list of places to eat. Metropolitan! Melting Pot! Cedars of Lebanon!

so, the grass IS always greener

I found this site, I don't remember how, and I really love it. It has everything! But a different/cool version of everything. These are some of my favorites:

May 15, 2007

Shade's Redemption

I can't believe I'm posting this to promote the company that created the atrocity known as the lace trimmed tee or cami (no, I have never owned one) BUT these new items in their collection may just be good enough to make me come crawling back. I tried them on at their store (which isn't really worth the drive more than once unless you're going to eat at the burger joint down the street—what's it called? JCW?) and they are really really cute. the other colors are cute too.

Isn't It Strange

That I 'could never' eat 3 Whole Donuts! But, I have no problem at all eating 6 halves?

Molly Brown, Cinco De Mayo, Regina Spektor

I went to Denver with my sister-in-law Amy the other weekend. We had a great time. We were only there 2.5 days but we just never stopped moving. It kept raining on us but we kept thinking it wasn't worth an umbrella?? We stayed on the 11th floor of The Curtis Hotel which I highly recommend to anyone visiting Denver. We ate at good restaurants and shopped at good shops. Tattered Cover Bookstore was probably my favorite shop and Two Fisted Mario's Pizza was probably my favorite restaurant. Our table doubled as Ms. Pacman (as pictured below) for crying out loud. The Denver Art Museum was super cool. The architecture of the building (designed by Daniel Libeskind) was possibly the best part of it all. The whole downtown was really great. I also loved the Public Library right across from the museum. It was Cinco De Mayo weekend so we traipsed through quite the carnival on one end of town but didn't partake in the funnel cake and bouncy games. Oh, and the Molly Brown House! If you've seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about. But not really, because Hollywood had it almost entirely wrong. Her name's not even Molly (it's Margaret). Still, I cannot resist a good tour through an old historically relevant house. (I'm Rachel's daughter) This is the longest post ever and I haven't even told you about Regina! Regina Spektor is the cutest person I have ever seen in my life. I still don't believe that those sounds were coming from her mouth. And it was just her. Her and the piano, her and her guitar, her and a drumstick on a kitchen chair, her and that cute black dress, her and that bashful curtsy. I'm just saying, I would see her again every weekend if I could. And then, the next night, we saw Damien Rice. Also impressive. Totally different, but impressive. He had a few more people on the stage with him but still, was a little taste of Summer 05 that was very welcome. Some firsts for me during my first trip to Denver: first ride in a taxi, first time ordering room service, first time seeing a Monet or a Picasso in person, first manicure, first time eating at Hard Rock Cafe.

May 9, 2007


i know this place looks horrendous. i'm working on it. actually, i'm not. because i don't have internet at home. we used to have dial-up (yippee!) but now even that is gone. so sometimes 'B-Spot' gives me a decent connection. but, life is just hard without really fast internet. so, i know. and i apologize. and i'll try to make it better, soon.

May 4, 2007

i still don't know my favorite color

but these are my new favorite crackers. perfect amount of wheat/grain. but still light. and lots of flavor. mmm.

Mustache Mayhem

It’s here. The day we’ve all been waiting for? If you’ve heard the words handlebar, pencil, burnstache and tom selleck in the same sentence today, then you know what I’m talking about. El Cuatro de Mustache (the pseudo-Cinco since the real deal is on a Saturday) Matt started a blog about it. Mike Torretta shaved his cheeks for it, Jason scared his children for it. This is a big deal. This place is all about it. They love mustaches. Always mustaches. Only mustaches. I think we’re having a piƱata at lunch. I don’t know why I’m such a fan of this movement. (prolly because I don’t have to kiss any of the participants?) I don’t have pictures of the Stached Struckers yet. But we’ll be posting one on the struck blog soon. Until then, here’s a peek at last year’s festivities:

May 1, 2007

thirteen minutes

it just took me thirteen minutes to get to work. thirteen! door to door. my life will never be the same.
update: this time was clocked on my first day when i didn't know that South Temple was the slowest route possible. Today, it took a mere 9 minutes. My weeklong average is 11. At any rate, it's a whole lot better than 60.