Aug 28, 2013

Post-Vacation Blues

We've got it worse than normal this time:

It's rainy
It's hot
Gwen won't sleep through the night
Regan found a bunch of ticks on his body
I have about as many cold sores
There are no cousins here
Gwen does crazy cry-screaming through her baths now
I don't know what to do for cub scouts tomorrow
No one makes us dinner and then runs to our cabin to tell us it's ready
Life is rough

Virginia, take us back


Bean said...

This is too depressing.
Teach the cub scouts about ticks?

Grace said...

oh no the ticks! vacation sleeping is the worst for babies.

bec said...

my kids keep waking up at 6:00 am (and so do I). I finally went grocery shopping today after living on stale cereal the first 3 days we were home. Adam can't figure out why he (we) don't live by an ocean.

Sarah said...

We had ticks too (just one). I like to think of it as a great little reminder of our awesome vacation. Then if she gets Lyme disease we can just keep on remembering through 21 days of heavy duty antibiotics.

momacita said...

We should be looking for ticks? Maybe that explains the ugly rash and terrible itching surrounding each of what I thought were mosquito bites. Now I need to go google. And cold sores, oh, Katie! It's raining here and for us, it's a treat. Your dad is spending the day in the garage putting in his new (old) cabinets.

Lacey said...

Cold sores?! And ticks? And no sleep? I thought I had it bad with Emma just up and forgetting her ability to sleep for six hours at night. Sigh. It was a magical place.

shayna said...

Ticks haunt me in my dreams. Try a vacation in San Francisco. I hear there's a cool couple that have a nice place for you to stay.

Veronica said...

Multiple ticks?! That's my worst nightmare. I read an article about Lyme disease recently that scared the daylights out of me. Make sure Regan doesn't have Lyme disease! This isn't helping, sorry. We had a recent stage of scream-crying through baths that worked itself out quickly so I hope yours has/does too.

Lauren Swainston said...

I can't really fix any of these things except what to do for cub scouts every time you don't know: make paper airplanes and have a contest to see whose flies the farthest.