Aug 13, 2013

Two for Me

Speaking of time flying, today marks 2 years in New York for us. What?!

Here are some things I'm doing right:
no eye contact (even when very strange things are happening)
brisk walking
giving directions to other people with confidence
having a working buzzer/intercom in our apt.
walking everywhere
being obsessed with people's apartments/rent/space/arrangements/etc
being obsessed with how people ended up living here and when/if they are going to leave

Here are some things I need to work on:
an accent (or at least finding some friends with accents)
pizza snobbery (I know good pizza but I'm still way too accepting of Little Caesar's)
wearing expensive shoes
getting more grocery/laundry/dinner delivery
being friends with my neighbors
having an edgy/effortless haircut
spending time in the actual city
saying the word 'schlep' more often


rachel kirk peterson said...

ha, ha! this made me smile.

momacita said...

Schlep, schlep, schmooze, schmiel. Your dad says "slip" all the time, as in, "maybe we could slip on up there". That's like schlep, right?

momacita said...

What's that sign on the side of the building "New York, where we don't judge your behavior, but we do judge your shoes"?

shayna said...

Pizzzzzzzaaaaaa! I'm with you. If it's bread, cheese and sauce...I'll eat it.

Lauren Swainston said...

I would have strong words for even a new yorker who dissed my $5 hot n' ready.