Sep 21, 2009

We went to Kentucky to visit the Hicks

Carrie and I went out to Kentucky to see Veronica and Kyle last weekend. (Their last name really is Hicks!) It mostly looked like this (thank you, v, for taking better pictures than i did):

We saw many moving trains, and every time I said 'MOVING TRAIN!' (because if you're on a roadtrip with Grandpa Anderson and you see a moving train, he gives you a dollar.) I guess there are some things you can't un-learn.

This is just their neighborhood

I forgot to take a picture of their deck and forest backyard where I ate my breakfast every morning but you can kinda see it here. Mom-I'm playing Toccata Brilliante right here I think.

I've decided that I really love bodies of water in the middle of cities.

This is at The Grand Ole Opry House. I would really like to go there again, but like 40 years ago. Ya know what I mean?

Churchill Downs. Where the Kentucky Derby is. We're determined to get back there for the Derby. And somehow convince the other 150,000 people to dress like this. Right?
Not pictured: Graeter's ice cream. yum. our flight being canceled—spending a night in dallas with none of our personal belongings, staying up till 4am somehow every night, oh and um, seeing taylor swift in concert—girl is soo dramatic and rehearsed but still pretty entertaining to be the oldest people there and to see her in nashville, brodie the poodle, "larry-oake", a million more trees.


Sarita said...

Bodies of water. In cities. Come to Portland. We've got great bridges over those bodies of water as well.

core said...

is that some sort of disease, 'the Hicks'?