Oct 27, 2010

you wouldn't believe me if I didn't show you

This teeny bird and I share a name (partially)

We went to Idaho to see these guys

And they made me go to this place. I think if I didn't hate it so much, I'd have really loved it.

I found a peanut M&M that looked exactly like a lima bean

These puppies cost me a cool $3.50. I hope that at least Josh will make fun of me for wearing them.

This is what our house looked like tonight when we came back from bowling. (I bowled a 136.)


shayna said...

Woah, I didn't think you meant real snow. I mean, the kind that sticks long enough that you can take a picture.

Jane said...

Cute new babes.
the haunted milllll!!! that place is the best and I even hate haunted houses. How did you like Rexburg?
Great boot find.
don't love snow. cept for the first one. but now it's over and it will be mushy brown slush in no time.

megan said...

oh man, we don't even have snow like that yet!

(and thanks for coming to see us. we love friends.)

Jess and Abe said...

k come visit me now!!