Sep 30, 2010

I already tried baking snickerdoodles

Now accepting remedies to any/all of the following:

-Feeling worthless in a creative profession
-Being exhausted
-Not being able to get a weird dream about a little brother being really sick out of my head (where were all my dreamcatchers on that one??)
-Having a cold sore
-Having nothing to say

Yes, I know these are all temporary


bec said...

a trip to Boise

shayna said...

to Boise and then straight onto Vermont, by way of Baltimore?

Jonas said...

1. hang out with someone who has a really boring job and have them explain in detail their job. the cold sore periodically, keep it lubricated and out of the sun,take loads of L-lysine(its actually too late for this to help, but i know somewhere grandpa is proud when you do it.)

Emilee said...

2. Snuggly blanket.

momacita said...

1. call mother
2. Grandma's magic blanket?
4. Acyclovir (preventive, though)
5. I can't believe it