Apr 20, 2011

A Month

So far we've moved into our first apartment together together.
We've watched our first movie on our first joint netflix account (Breaking Away). And we'd probably be watching our 2nd (Catfish) but neither of us want to give up our laptops for the cause.
We've had our first giant water leak in our first apartment together.
We've had our first game of catch as a married couple.
We've had our first million quesadillas as a married couple.
We've done our first laundry at our laundry room together.
We've almost made our first new married friends from the ward together. (almost.)

(Basically life is kinda just the same but way different and way better.)


bec said...

Breaking Away is Adam's favorite movie, did you know that? The more you watch it the funnier it gets.

Tim Glenn said...

may I suggest an apple tv, it will revolutionize your married movie watching/laptop using/netflix capabilities.

m.e.w said...

i keep hearing marriage is way better!

elizabeth said...

Water leaks, ugh. Vinny and I had our first water leak the first week. Sorry you had to deal with that too.

momacita said...

Thanks for the report, Katie! I'll tell everyone at church who inquires that you are doing great. Made me wonder: how many water leaks have we had? how many quesdaillas? zero games of catch. lots of married friends. zero movies on netflix account on laptop. seven, I think, apartments moved into (if you count anything that is rented and not owned). zero laundry done togeher (division of labor and specialization). As I recall single life, married IS way better.

Lyle said...

Go fix yourself a dang quesadilla!