Apr 7, 2011

in between

Apparently I only know how to fall asleep at 9pm or 3am.
It's now somewhere between those so this is our lives:

being silently obsessed with Pinterest with some sporadic outbursts of "everyone on the internet already has my style!" and "will you make me this?"

practicing Fruit Ninja because Regan kills me every time

debating if it's too late to go bake some bread (we're out but I keep swearing we never have to buy bread again cuz I'm going to make so much of it.)

Thinking about how nice people are

Staring at Bunny fish and wishing I had her energy and enthusiasm for life

Wondering why on earth the newest Amazing Race episode isn't online yet

Working hard on his portfolio book (never-ending)

Laughing at my jokes

Singing top40 stuff out loud on accident

Pounding Gatorades

So is it better to write these posts or nothing at all? I'm on the fence.


abby said...

somewhere along the line i stopped watching amazing race and i don't know why.

as for your previous post, i love the pictures! what a gorgeous wedding. it was so fun to see you and your open house was charming. (and you were right about the flowers! woo jill!)

Kristine said...

these are my favorite posts!

Veronica said...

yes to these posts.

anna said...

the amazing race wasn't on because of the country music awards!

rachel kirk peterson said...

i like these posts. i like all your posts. your wedding looked absolutely beautiful--i was sorry to have missed it. hope you're doing well! i'd love to get together and come see your new place and meet your new life partner.

shayna said...

Best post. Grab ole Rachel and you two write yourselves a book.

m.e.w said...

yes > yes > yes