Oct 14, 2008

it came! it came! it came!

I'd nearly forgotten about this treasure being on its way to my hands but when Megan turned the corner with that book-shaped package I immediately began giggling. And I haven't really stopped. I almost want to say I'd buy this for anyone that wants it because it makes me that happy. And I want you to be that happy.

K is my favorite. Now hang on hang on. It's not JUST because that's My Letter, it's also because the K arm and leg come out like little critter ears and it's just so freeeakin adorable.


Momacita said...

Katie, I was thinking about that book when I was up there, but kept forgetting to ask you. Glad it finally came! Where did you get it?

melray1134 said...


kake said...

I got it from amazon. I'm not sure but I bet you could get it other places too. It seems like kids might love it, or at least love destroying it?