Oct 2, 2008

proving it

the most substantial evidence I could think of to quantify for you my business lately is this: 

—I've gone FIVE days without burt's bees chapstick (and resorted to using that ^ peppermint whatever stuff I found somewhere in my room and kinda turns my lips purple) because I have no time/energy to go to smith's to buy a replacement for the one I lost
—I haven't had a nighttime bowl of cereal in even longer because I'm too worn out by the time I get home to leave my room once I enter it
-also-STRAWS! i'm out of straws! and i haven't bought new ones. Luckily I have some permanent plastic straws that are all stripey and cute that I can always rely on. But they don't bend. And you have to wash them.

Now, having said that, I have a few minutes of quiet here today (our email's down so i'm sure there's an inevitable flood on the horizon but there's nothing I can do about it!), with which I'd like to share a few things: 
The salt lake farmer's market was ON POINT with its fresh flowers last Saturday. They were perfect for the bridal shower we had for the one and only V
(Where she got the same present twice, twice)

And they're still perfect, 5 days later, bringing happiness to me at my desk:

(cool ducking. i know.)


Jill said...

kate! love those flowers!

Name here. said...

you have a nice collar bone.