Sep 26, 2008

tv on the internet

the office: thank you, jim. we really needed that.

project runway: kenley is SUCH a brat. i wanted her out out out. but she did look bangarang in her pop dress. i love leanne. and jerrell. and korto. next week looks sooo good.

gossip girl: soooo-it's basically season 1, episode 1 all over again? and are they allowed to be that sleezy on tv?

90210: i don't know if i'm gonna be able to hang on to this one. those girls are just way too skinny. and i can't stand watching shannon doherty or however you spell her last name. then again, i still watch....

the hills: WHY can't brody and lauren just be in love already? he's my favorite.

america's next top model: i still don't get how they let a dude be on there.

and, don't judge me too hard. my parents AND megan are outta town for the weekend. and i need something to do while i bind books and bake bread and design wedding invitations.


Meredith said...

I am so annoyed with Kennley. Bring back Blayne.

Allison said...

i will never judge you. i am totally obsessed with the hills, on the internet. do you watch project runway on the internet? how/where?

Mags said...

i hope tim smacks kenley. or that someone finally snickers under their breath rather loudly when she's defending her runway travesty.

Jess and Abe said...

i agree 98% of what you said. i'm not judging you.... you have excuses because people are out of town..but i don't have excuses i really am that pathetic.

Holley said...

next week runway does look amazing! did you see all those tears!