Sep 22, 2008

katriarchal evening

I spent an extended (and yes, unholy) amount of time cleaning house sunday night and it brought up some questions:

—what's the most effective way to clean wood paneling/exposed natural brick walls?
—why do hangers without the shoulder hook things even exist?
—will there ever be a mop that compares to just getting down on your hands and knees?
—why does it feel soo good to scrub down walls/doors/baseboards?
—the sooner i cut my losses on some things (like that lamp and lampshade that simply don't fit together), the less the loss is. because that's that much less space it's taking up for that much less time. right? Even if it seems a bit wasteful?
—can you wash giant rugs in a washing machine? like, at a laundromat? anyone?
—what color should we paint those square mirrors in our entry? or should we put something else up there?

while i'm at it. I bought mrs. meyers geranium dish soap. and it's as delicious as everyone said. 


bec said...

did you order the soap online or find it somewhere?

kake said...

I bought it here, at 'hip & humble'. but it's cheaper on their website. even with shipping, i think. and i don't use it for all my dishes, every day, yet. cuz you know, it's still special. but it was great for cupboards and floors and etc. i used it on basically everything and it just smells so good.

Clint & Patrice Pedersen said...

Thanks for having this blog, Patrice and I find so much joy in reading your entries. We are up tonight at 10 pm which is late for us and we are laughing at your questions that you ask yourself while cleaning. anyways we will talk to you later

Sandra said...

Hope you don't mind me checking on your blog...I bounced from Hezzie's to yours. I am in complete agreement with you and the mop dilemma. I have bought so many ...they are crap... and I end up on my hands and knees to get the job done like it should be! It does feel good to give the house a good clean scrub! Hope to you see you soon.

Sandra said...

Oh, and I LOVE mrs.meyers dish soap..pricey but oh so good!