Feb 4, 2011

This isn't a eulogy but kinda

We're losing really bad but let's focus on the positive-
Look at all the cool people on the internet that loved us enough to link our thing!:
SeeSaw (on twitter)
Say Yes to Hoboken
You Are My Fave
DesignMom (on twitter)

And probably other people and like a ton of people on facebook. So thanks for that! Plus it's not too late to vote (it goes till midnight) so head on over and make us feel less like losers!

Can't wait to talk about something else soon!


Veronica said...

I don't know why Brooke White hasn't responded to my email.

_kArLy[*] said...

good luck! i voted! :] Love the blog, cant wait to catch up on the rest of your posts!

hanner said...

i really can't believe those other two couples. really. i'll take your wedding pictures for free.

kate said...

i voted! i'm with hanner^ you guys seem so cool i'd pay you to let me take your photos... :)

p.s. nice name. and i just commented on delighted and then read all the comments- we totally put the same name. mabel is perfect.

Annie said...

round two?