Feb 25, 2011

The best kinda way to spend a weekend

Hanging out with these babies:

And of course the John Boy and of course my Regan and of course mom and dad and siblings and aunts and uncles and cousins and old friends. And of course delicious delicious food everywhere and walking over a cool new dam bridge and of course having a bridal shower and of course wearing summer pants and of course finding the most perfect groom suit and shoes and of course seeing Jill for a second and of course playing 100 games including new Brazilian ones (and seeing my dad laugh himself to tears a few times) and of course the rickety top bunk and of course our master wedding planning meeting (uh, 22 days you guys) and of course being so happy to be exactly where I was. I love it when that happens.


hanner said...

kids with glasses = the best

Jill said...

i said it then and I'll say it again, I love when all the Andersons get together!

Bean said...

I'd feel sad I missed this, but I'll be there for round 2 in a few weeks!