Mar 27, 2009

plus it's just ugly in there

I don't go to Wal-Mart very often, at all. BUT they are the only place open late that have any type of sewing/crafting supplies so sometimes I just have to, okay? Anyway, I had to tonight. And while I was there, I was wandering around (is it just me or is that place designed to make it physically impossible to focus your mind on any one thing?), not finding anything I needed, and I heard a lady SCREAMING over by the door. So I scooted over to see what was happening (don't wanna miss a good blahg story) and this man was tackling her to the floor and yelling 'ma'am don't! don't! ma'am! don't!'. What on earth? So I asked someone by me what happened and they tell me, (as they walk along at a normal pace) "Oh, she was just trying to take a baby out of another woman's cart. And the baby's mama was like 'NO!' and this man jumped on her and tackled her to the ground." And I'm like "Oh. Okay. Do you know wear the headbands are?" What is with people acting so crazy? And why did it not surprise me or ANYONE AROUND ME that this was happening? Because we were in Wal-Mart. That's why. There is seriously something so wrong about that place. Just for the record, the last time I was there, this Lady (who happened to have about 6 kids under the age of 4) lost one of her sons and was like totally non-chalant about it. Like, 'yeah, well, he's prolly 5 years old and he had on like a blue er red shirt and some pants. Just whatever, I mean, just gimme a call if you see him around.' Cool.


Peterson said...

ha ha ha ok your posts are right on today. this is so great because the last time i was in walmart, which happened to be about 4 years ago, i got into a fight with a lady who was borderline abusing her foster children (the reason i knew they were foster was because of their different races, but similar ages). there is definitely something MAJORLY wrong with the company and how its run, and with the peeps that go there.

Jana said...

There are just too many levels to that story, I really am at a loss for words, except I really enjoy reading your blog.

kake said...

jana! you're still alive! hi!