Mar 25, 2009

No really, I cried

Sometimes you come home from maybe not the best day of work and feeling kinda confused and kinda crummy and kinda like "there's no way this is life"-y and "I didn't actually get anything started on that gigantic project, did I?"-y and "really smith's? really? today you're going to be out of burt's bees chapstick? TODAY?"-y and you find a treasure waiting for you. And I mean, a TREASURE.
{I think you need to understand that I'm the kind of person that checks my mailbox every. single. time. I walk by it, you know, just in case someone left me a secret note. I always check my windshield wipers for the same reason. And no, i've never actually had a secret note or compliment or golden ring or anything in those places. But I always check. Because the thought of something being there is just too thrilling not to.}
N-E-way. Sometimes you come home and find a treasure. And it's a white box with endless possibilities and a very promising return address. And you open it sloowwwlllly because it's not everday you get a treasure. And it starts out good—really good. And then it gets better—almost eerie better. And then you stop. Cuz there's no way this is really sitting in front of you. There's no way your friend, even IF you are lucky enough to have a friend like Jill, really truly sent you a CAMERA in the mail. I mean like, a real camera, that's little and cute and 7.1 megapixels. And then you just sorta read the note over and over and wonder how come you get to have people like this in your life. And how come they like you enough to be so good to you. And it feels really good.


shayna said...

oh goodness....I love Jill. I'm speechless. The perfect gift, the perfect friend.

christina said...

wow. you are one lucky girl.

bec said...