Aug 28, 2009


Thank you ever so kindly for posting Project Runway on your site. Without commercials!

Kakie Girl

p.s. does anyone care about anyone yet this season? I mean I know it just started but I wanna pick a fave RIGHT NOW and I don't have one. Meh.


Bean said...

I don't yet, but i'm so excited about it anyway. and sure, now that i finally have free cable it's just online anyway. and i wish i was heidi klum.

christina said...

thanks for that. i was wondering where i could watch it online, since we don't have tv. (i know, we're CRAZY)

abby said...

so this is a really conceptual piece. a mother hen and her egg... it's just really about fertility. it's very soft, it's very beautiful. my designs are just so special, there's no name for what i do.

(i like carol hannah i think. and i know i need to stop commenting so much. sorry.)

Jana said...

Amen to Lifetime.

Veronica said...

So far I've only seen last week's but I think I liked Irina.

Mags said...

all i can say is that mitchell must go. annoying and even i can sew better than that.

Shea McGee said...

Christopher wears flat-brimmed hats, but his clothes are pretty.

Dreadlocks will be a sleeper - a late bloomer at the end of the season.

Shirin is cute and so are her clothes.

Mitchell should already be home.

kake said...

okay, yes. thank you everyone. mitchell get outta here. i like carol hannah too. and the really pretty one that loves jackets. and don't be silly, abby, you could never comment too much.