Aug 23, 2009

The Tackiest Place on Earth OR I Only Blah From Airports

Las Vegas Airport:
-drunk girls in bikinis in line by me-they set off every detector even though everyone could plainly see they were only wearing bikinis (seriously)
-slot machines. everywhere.
-mobster lookin guys talking about gambling really loudly on blackberries
-so much old, tan skin
-so many people wearing sunglasses indoors?
-so much bling
-you guys all know what i'n talking about
-I finished my book far too early on this trip
-I wish I were in Italy. Shhhh.

I can always pick out the people with my shared destination (salt lake city) rather easily as we go through the security process. I'd say I'm 80% accurate. Would it be completely whatever of me to watch What Happens in Vegas while I wait for my delayed (again?) plane?


shayna said...

"You know why."

Sarita said...

i hate that airport. dont tell my uncle. he's the director or something.

upto12 said...

I want to punch that airport in the face.