Nov 14, 2006

Day One

-woke up warm. thank you heatdish.
-free crown burgers for lunch. thank you Struck.
-hung out with the wilson brothers. thank you Matt.
-hung out with The Who. thank you XanGo.
-gave a stranger directions to 2 downtown restaurants. thank you over observant mind.
-bought new jeans. thank you The Loft.
-didn't change the radio station when Carol of the Bells came on. thank you Manheim Steamroller.
-southwest egg rolls for dinner, cookie dough ice cream for dessert. thank you Aaron Garrity.
-was called beautiful for the 3rd? time in my life. thank you man at the post office.


Hanner said...

I just really wish that Megan would let me listen to Christmas music!!!

Amazo said...

I appreciate the fact that you don't! Thanksgiving people, Thanksgiving!

Bec said...

I don't believe it was only the 3rd time, You Are Beautiful!