Nov 21, 2007

things that make kake happy:

lots of things got added, remembered, starred, etc. on this list yesterday. some of them:
-yellow teacups full of lemonheads
-solo performances of 'happy birthday' on my phone (and don't think just because my mom was singing alone that she left out any of the pizazz or didn't take the time to find the right notes)
-learning the hip new dance from my way older co-worker (soulja boy, robocop, superman)
-tee shirts with embroidered cupcakes
-good movies
-motown music
-king-sized candy bars
-people being comfortable enough to pick up the (adult) mad libs book or sit down to a game of boggle at my house
-birthday baklava
-one-of-a-kind birthday illustrations, faxes
-the ability to write truly secret messages
-burt's bees junk (i love using stuff)
-fresh flowers
-being around/in contact with people i love (that's right, i LOVE you guys)

1 comment:

Dan said...

You can't say "way" older. You are like 23 now. Which ain't 22 and it definitely ain't 21 sister. I'm 28- so when i was 5(still waaay young) you were a baby(totally young) we were prally in the same kindergarten- or at least in the same grade school play. Cept when i was playing scrooge- you were just "a caroler"