Jan 27, 2011


Highlights of my day:
1. O turned 5 and loved the slinky I gave him

2. BYU is deleting their free student file storage network whatever that I totally forgot existed so they told me to get all my stuff off of it! Thank You BYU! So many gems of papers on there. Especially my Preparation for Marriage ones. An excerpt:

Although initially turned off by the idea and name of this little assignment, it wasn’t half bad. I got to ask things that may not come up for a while in normal conversation but that I would like to know. Maybe I’ll pretend this is a weekly assignment. At any rate, I suppose it was a roaring success. I mean, I am meeting him today for sammiches at the wilk. Smells like marriage to me. 

I guess I wrote my college papers as if they were just chats with my bff. (I keep wanting to make a joke about no wonder I never graduated but I can't tell if it's funny or not.) 

Lowlight of my day: nother cold sore (engagement pictures in T- 3 days) (I'm icing it while I type but I just don't have much hope.)


megan said...

oh man. I too had a cold sore 5 days before engagement pics. then I got another one 4 days before the wedding. why is there no cure????

PS somehow blogger is working for me right now so I was so happy to try and comment.

hanner said...

ok, i totally LOLed at your excerpt. better than blog archives.

Jill said...

Go to a dentist who uses a laser and get that cold sore worked on! I swear it works! It doesn't hurt...just like a zap. Are you coming here? We can do it in my office

angela hardison said...

color sores are the worst. sending happy thoughts of recovery your way so it goes away quickly!

Jessica said...

go get Lysine! Its a natural amino acid that helps with coldsores! and if you take vitamin C, bioflavonoids and zinc with it, they will help with the healing time. Im sure you can find all of those at whole foods? That stinks im sorry.