Jan 23, 2011

any news is good news?

Feeling really boring lately. All I can muster:
I like coconut, mushrooms, and mustard now. (not together, gross) but still not onions
Still planning a wedding (where should we take our engagement pictures??)
Watching everything there is on Netflix via Wii
Saw this guy across the street from where I work
It's still sososo cold but at least it's been clear and sunny and deceitful about it?
Watching funny kid movies
My hair's kinda long now



Sarita said...

Have you been to Kilby Court? That alley worked very well for some of our wedding pix. If you're in to the whole delapedated looking thing.

By the way, congrats.

Kristine said...

the movie selection on Netflix/wii is hilarious.
tell me what you are watching.

is there some cool lab or building at the U where you could get engagement pics?

The Judd Family said...

Kate, I hadn't checked your blog for a while and noticed your engaged! Congratulations! I am so excited for you!

communikate. said...

totally delurking for a minute.

congrats on the engagement

pst.. love love coconut.

have you noticed how many "kates" there are in the blogging world? i swear i've near "met" so many in my life!