Jun 18, 2008

this post has nothing to do with babies. i swear.

i bought this kitchenaid at a yard sale the other day! for $20! and it's really old and really dirty! but there were 2 bowls! and it works! so overall i think it was a great buy! i hope i can figure out how to get it home with me!

See! no babies. unless you count the 3 that were in the car with me when i yelped with joy and made my sister turn around so we could check it out. or all the babies i'm gonna be making jumbos for with this monster.


Jill said...

That's the best yard sale find! I love the color..

holley said...

possibly the best yard sale score i have seen. jealous!

Jess and Abe said...

That is a REALLY good purchase!