Jun 26, 2009

bakeries are already/still up and so am I

I'm not sure why exactly I have so much energy right now, but I do. Prolly more than I've had in about 2 weeks (strep throat, go figure). And anyway, I have internet in bed by some miracle. So I thought I'd do some laptopping. I don't really have much to say except that it creeps me out when flies are flying so slowly that i can hit them with my hand when I'm not trying very hard. And I wonder how much longer we're gonna go without the air conditioning turned on. And I can't decide if I care about adding more blonde to the back of my hair or not because I never have to look at it. You know? And maybe I should bring my yellow table in my room for my sewing stuff and use the big black shelves for the printing things that are overtaking my life. But will it look weird to have a desk right next to a table? I can't wait to go to the farmer's market this weekend. And I wanna make fruit soup something fierce. Probably Saturday I will. I think I'm gonna wear high shoes to work tomorrow, seems like a good day for that already. I hope these antibiotics really work in 24 hours like the doctor said they would cuz I only have one cough drop left.


Jess and Abe said...

I miss fruit soup!

shayna said...

Sleepover....Crepes for dinner, fruit soup for breakfast? Think about it. Oh, and breakfast cake?