Mar 6, 2011

let it be known

Being in a room with most of my best girl friends for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon feels fantastic. (the delicious food and tons of great presents were a bonus after that)

I feel sad right now as I pack up everything I own to move out of this house that I love and away from these people that I love.

It's a really strange feeling to have huge life changes an arm's length away.

I love the rain.


shayna said...

I wish I could have been in that room and to be around to pack with you.

Jane said...

let it be known that i think you are really somethin.
it was beautifully decorated. beautiful food. you looked beautiful. and i'm very happy that i'll get to go to Vegas to party for the Johnsons!!
and sorry for the "show us your boobs" consequence.

hanner said...

i am so bummed i am missing out on so many things. it is really bittersweet to leave girlfriends but equally exciting to embark on a new adventure. plus you are lucky to have really great friends that will still be around so it's win-win!