Jul 24, 2011


Did I ever tell you about our honeymoon? No? What kinda blog is this? Let's do it. We stayed a night at the Aria in Vegas (coolest place. mostly because it had a master room controller thing so we could turn so many things on and off without hardly moving. I know they aren't new but I'd never seen one.) Then we flew to San Diego for the week. Mostly we just hung out on our cool deck eating our room service breakfast basking in the fact that this scenario will probably never happen again. (berry french toast. every morning.)
 One day we went to the zoo. Turns out flamingos were our favorite. Those swirly necks don't get enough credit.
 This giant panda was a close second.
 And here's Regan with his best friends. He couldn't get enough of those La Jolla seals. I'm not being sarcastic. Also, it was rainy and windy and cold and we didn't care.
 Here's a group shot some lady made us take.
 We ate Thrifty ice cream at every opportunity. Hasn't changed in 20 years. And obviously neither have their store graphics.
Sometimes we just went here cuz it was in our parking lot. I debated about the same shoes every time and never bought them. Still think about them. Learn your lesson here, folks.
 And here I am with my best friends. The ranuncula fields in Carlsbad. I was SO excited to go and it was pretty disappointing. This one display area was cool but the 55 acres were pretty barren. I guess we were too early to catch them like THIS! I'd probably go back at least 5 times to try to catch that though.
 There was a maze you could walk through made of sweet peas. Mom- you would have loved it.
 I stole one for the drive to Long Beach because it was the best colors I've ever seen.
Then we hung out with Rory at the airport/flew home/wished it could last forever.


hanner said...

oh my gosh, i would die for a thrifty ice cream cone right now. chocolate malted krunch 4 life.

momacita said...

You two take cute pictures! And someday, I'm going to live where I can have a whole fence covered with sweet peas. I really am.

Jill said...

Are you kidding me? somehow I missed that little feature that you went to the Carlsbad Ranunc farm! I've been dying to go there! Next year...you+me! And we'll send regan to visit his friends, I mean seals. And then I remember you're moving to the east coast. Sometime we'll go. But in the meantime, central park will suffice.

Bean said...

I can't get over the Thrifty cylinder ice cream cones. I just figured these were long gone...now I am going to want one until I get one!

shayna said...

I really love your group picture. I want more of those. Let's have your wedding again. I just love parties.

lindsay lark said...

We also ate Thrifty almost everyday of our honeymoon! First thing I did when we got to each new place was look up the nearest Riteaid with Thrifty ice cream.