Oct 28, 2011


A few weeks ago, we had our first New York house guest. Carrie came to see us! It was so fun to have a different kind of vacation life than I usually have. And further motivated me to get some friends that live in this city because it was so fun to have someone to do things with. Imagine that! Anyway, we mostly shopped (I think we went in 5 H&Ms) and ate (We're getting a pretty serious list of favorites) and walked and neither of us are picture takers but we've got this one of us not looking like ourselves in a rainy Prospect Park:
And this one of Taylor Swift outside of Macy's to promote her new fragrance. We waited for so long but this is as close as she got. Close enough for us to want her dress and see that she was wearing tons of makeup. Which is pretty good I'd say.
Come back soon, Carrie! 

p.s. Regan was so excited for our visitor to come that he accidentally cleaned our whole bathroom in SHOUT! stain remover. I thought that was pretty cute.


Jane said...

that sounds like a really good carrie trip. i wanna come and visit!!! so many things to DO! i hope you're making a list of all the great places you've been eating at.

shayna said...

And I want to be your second house guest. I want to take rainy pictures with you.

Bean said...

Way to go Regan!

Veronica said...

that picture is my phone screen saver. not the one of you, the one of taylor, no offense.

Lacey said...

Taylor Swift! That's rather awesome.