Feb 24, 2012

Can I ride in the stroller?

Last weekend we learned that it is possible to have a family of 6 in the city. Although I'm glad there were 2 extra adults to even out the kid:adult ratio. Here's what we did:
Grimaldi's- Bean's #1 request. Little did we know, they moved buildings (one over from the old one) into a huge place where you can't smell the pizzas cooking and it kinda lost the charm. But the roasted peppers are still delicious.
Jane's Carousel- Megan's #1 request. I'd never been here before and it was more magical than I expected. Perfect old charm and the huge glass box it's in is pretty awesome too.

Brooklyn Bridge- no one's #1 request. But we made it! It was crowded but fun and the kids loved the glimpses of the statue of liberty.
 Staten Island Ferry- David and Caleb's #1 request. Thank goodness it was enclosed so we were warm and toasty to eat our ice cream and cinnamon pretzels while we sailed by the statue.

Prospect Park- It was freezing cold but we needed to get the kids outta the house for a while, they loved it but they should come back in the spring!
9/11 Memorial- No disrespect meant, this was a little underwhelming to me as far as the actual memorial goes. The fountains are really cool but that's kinda all there is. I think it'll be much better once more construction is complete. Still glad we finally made it there to check it out though.

Shake Shack- Okay this place is stressful. Trying to get a table was vicious but once we did, the burgers and fries did not disappoint us. But you know what did? The SHAKES! Um if your name is Shake Shack, your shakes should be better than the runny fast food ones you can get anywhere. 

Natural History Museum- I guess every other family in the city had the same idea to take their kids here on their Monday off of school. (duh) Despite the crowds, the kids loved it. And I think I could spend all day in the cool blue ocean room.
Conclusion: kids made things more stressful but also 100x more fun. Plus they walk at a slower pace, max out at 2 activities a day, and like to wind down with a little Netflix. Which is exactly my speed these days. Win-win-win.


Rachel said...

Christina's kids are so big, I've never even seen that little one on the end!

Siouxzy said...

I wanna come!

momacita said...

I think I'm about the same speed as you and kids now. So two activities per day sounds like a lot. Just ask Dez and Amy.

shayna said...

Oh I'm so happy to see your faces, it's been too long. I can't believe you did so much. You are amazing.

hanner said...

the shake shack should be called the burger shake. the shakes are so meh. but those BURGERS! so happy we have one in DC now.

hanner said...

i mean.. burger shack.

actually, we have TWO in dc, and one is at the baseball stadium. really the best thing.

Bean said...

You forgot to mention Colette thinking Regan is her dad.
Having you in the east is working out just as we hoped!