Dec 5, 2012


We took the bus down to Maryland for Thanksgiving. It was delightful. We ate delicious food while wearing a variety of handmade headwear:

We helped the Calls pick out a Christmas tree:
And in true "Andersons during the holidays" fashion, we did a lot of this:

Are those sweet cousins or what? Who can blame me for deciding last minute to stay 3 extra days? We had more shopping at big box stores and parking in parking lots and eating at fast food restaurants to do. Dream come true.


shayna said...

3 extra days probably wasn't long enough. Cousin time is the best. Do you ever have cousin dinners anymore?

Bean said...

Ha. That picture of Gwen and Coley! I love how ready she was to lie down by Gwen and act like a baby- like she is do deprived of attention.