Jul 15, 2013

Eleven Months

Eating: pretty much everything but then sometimes nothing
Moving: taking steps sporadically, taught herself to back down off the couch/bed/etc.
Other: she snuggles anything soft, yells a lot, makes lots of faces, mimics my noises, loves to put in/take out/open/close things 
Cousin Marley came to town! Gwen had sore eyes :(Swinging

We meant to not give her sugar till she was 1. Oops.
Matching outfits on Father's Day. This was basically a present to myself.

Lounging in a hammock on Governor's Island. This looks much more pleasant than it was.

Being cute

She took this one herself

Typical lunchtime


Siouxzy said...


lissa said...

that gif made me laugh! one day i'll meet her.

abby said...

Probably best gif ever.

Gwen + Golden someday? Think about it. I think if we set it up in blog comments then it's legally binding. Or it should be.

abby said...


Bean said...

I just had a panic attack that Father's Day came and went and I don't remember it. (but now I do- he got mud pie. phew)
Matching tie and dress is to DIE FOR. So hilarious and cute.
Love her so much and tell her to get ready for us.

amazomeg said...

I love the matching outfits so much! I can't wait for that sorta thing.

Lacey said...

GwenGwenGwenGwen!! I can't wait to see her.

momacita said...

No shrinking violet, our Gwen!