Apr 24, 2014

Kentucky Surprise

For Veronica's 30th birthday in March, Kyle surprised her with a visit from Gwen and I for a few days. Lucky us! I admit I was pretty flattered to be someone's birthday surprise. Mostly we just lived our normal mom lives together (but with cars and a yard and cable tv, etc.) which is my favorite type of visit. Let's do this every birthday??
Making Hop a comfy spot to fly
Cora and Gwen had never met but they got right to work running with their bunnies.
The universal sign of bonding.
Birthday pizza followed by Birthday cakeDouble stroller at the zoo
Not caring that there's a BEAR in the back of that truck
Not trusting the carousel (or letting me hold on to her while it went)
Just moms being moms
Squished buddies
The best kind of traveler is a sleeping one


hanner said...

freaking i still love this so much. i'm so glad it happened.

Siouxzy said...

I want a Kate-Gwen for my birthday!

momacita said...

That is pretty awesome to be someone's birthday surprise. Glad you had such a good time.

Lacey said...

This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! And your prego bellies! To die for. Just can't wait for the next cute baby to get here!