May 22, 2014

Spring Break: Nevada

We crashed my siblings' spring break trip in Henderson this March and it was wonderful. Gwen and I were saved by a very nice Jetblue worker who got us our own row for the 6-hour nighttime flight out which I was a little worried about (since I didn't really have a lap for her to sit on. And it's 6 hours.) Once we got to Henderson, it was all cousins and sunshine and outside playing and a different cold treat every time I turned around. Thank goodness for the older cousins who think it's fun to follow a toddler around and do whatever she wants all day long. We ate outside for every meal and the temperature was so perfect, the kind where you can't even feel the air around you except for a subtle breeze. Henderson weather October-April is just hard to beat. I think my favorite thing was that Gwen would come in covered in sticky, dirty everything at night. The sign of a day well spent. Then she'd wake up in the morning saying "kids? outside? play?" It made me wish all the cousins could be neighbors and live this life non-stop. What could go wrong with that?


abby said...

March is the best month in the desert! I'm reminded of a trip to Phoenix I took with Milo while I was hugely pregnant and he fussed the whole time and I threw up in the little paper bag while every one around me ignored me. All this to say, glad you had a great flight. And Gwen is so cute! And I'm excited for your baby!

shayna said...

Such a nice JetBlue lady. I can't imagine trying to wrestle Gwen and your belly for 6 hours. I'm in love with your spring break. I could feel the tiny breeze and taste the cold treats. I'm pretty sure I want to be an Anderson.

Sarah said...

That was fun.