Jul 29, 2008

jimmy crack corn

i'm thinking about buying this shirt. because it's cute. and because it's for charity.
i've been using the library a lot lately. mostly for my mom, but still, it feels good.
no, i don't think i'm going to stop eating pirate's booty any time soon.
i've got like 800 productive hobbies locked up in my head, so if anyone needs one, just ask.
i don't think i'm going to cut my hair after all.
it's still sad to me that no one can ever feel, exactly, how another person feels. that'd just be so helpful when it comes to the proper feeding and care of others.
the gears on my dear bike aren't working properly, as of last night, can you help me?
i printed a (like, really) cute baby announcement but it's still a surprise for some people so i'll post it later.
i signed up to be a print monitor for fall semester too. so, you know where to find me on mondays for 5 more months.
megan got a bike. that is great news for both of us.
this girl is getting sealed and blessed. more great news.
the same day as the avenues street fair i was going to sell things in. semi-bummed news. (but not enough to make it less than GREAT news.) anyone wanna work a booth for me?
that's right, we are so hip. we even have our own website. it's all i ever meaned.
that's enough for now.


Megan said...

Buy that shirt.

The Lady Queen said...

I might be in to help with the Ave's fair.

Any more details?

Hope you're doing good at Struck. Maybe you should leave a discreetly planted whoopee cushion on Dan and Peder's chairs and rig em' to a camera and also a laugh track. Is that even possible?


kake said...

hai hai hai. that's really nice of you but i probly just won't do it because i'm not that together of a person to actually organize that. you know? how come we're neighbors and i've never seen you on e street?