Jul 18, 2008

this is how my heart behaves

Last night we saw Feist at Deer Valley. I had sky-high expectations and was fairly apprehensive about them being met and i was a bit sad that it was costing me an Andrew Bird to see a Leslie Feist. BUT, once we were there on our blankets with our fine bread and cheeses, fruits and dips, and Hansen's sodas, I felt pretty good about the decisions made. She is teenie. Her voice is incredible. I wanted more from the show than I got (like, maybe, Brandy Alexander and Inside and Out and something not on her albums that was just for us, and i don't know-fireworks? or sequins?). I'd say I'm 74% satisfied with the experience. Which is kind of disappointing but I'm not as disappointed as this is sounding. So don't cry for me. Anyway, she was wearing a fedora. And I liked it. Which tells you something about how cute she is.

Once the front areas were filled with people I mostly just watched the graphics on the back of the stage. They were done by these two girls, one of which was dressed in the best black/brown combination outfit I've ever seen. They were doing paint/paper/whatever art up on this table and it projected to the stage.

I took some videos of them, the sound isn't awesome so you might just want to mute them. But the timing with the songs is kind of cute, so maybe don't mute them. Just check out how cool those things are! They moved their hands so slowly. And were doing the most simple things ever but it was bomb:

And then I bought a t-shirt because I loved it and it's the 50/50 goodness kind that you just should never resist. And then I wore it to work the day after the concert without any shame. And then i took lots of pictures trying to show it to you. And then I made a collage of them. Still, shameless:

{If you're kind of confused because you thought for a second, a while ago, that I was maybe getting tan but now I'm white again, or because you don't understand what my hair is doing—you're not alone. I don't get it either.}


Abby said...

i went to neither. the pain is still quite fresh.

veronica said...

Yeah, I wish I would've gone, no offense to Andrew Bird (yes offense to the heat, too many people, drunks, and crazies).

kake said...

the more i think about it, the more ticked i am at leslie. she didn't even dance.