Aug 28, 2008

wishing and hoping and thinking and praying

I keep trying to write this post and having no words to say. Which is funny/wonderful to me because I have never met the people involved. But I guess I've never met the people on the GO WORLD commercials or the Kleenex commercials or the Foundation for a Better Life billboards, etc., and that's never stopped me from crying my teenie heart out for them. It's basically impossible to not be touched by this family and by the many people being generous and loving in their behalf. So, I know it's all over the internet already, but on the off-chance you haven't read about The Nielsons' recent accident and the events surrounding their recovery, today is Nie Nie Day. And there are lots of ways you can help this sweet family. Personally, I've been doing a lot of good-thoughts-sending. Something that I used to feel quite guilty about because it was just 'such an insignificant way to help'. It wasn't until recently becoming the recipient (or at least the daughter of the recipients) of many sweet thoughts that I realized just how powerful they are. But today/this weekend I might just add buying something wonderful to those good thoughts. Which is an awesome way of doubling the impact of your thoughts because you also get something cute and allow the people auctioning the goods to feel successful in their efforts to help. So if you would like to help in this way too, you can donate directly (just click that little guy right down there) or bid on one of these millions of great silent auctions.

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