May 10, 2009

oh, gawsh

I could tell a lot of stories that attempt to explain why I am so glad that my mom is MY mom. I could tell about how she not only made me walk to school when I missed the bus (it was far, you guys), but walked with me and packed water bottles for us both. I could tell you how incredibly easy she is to be around and how smart she is in basically every possible aspect. Or I could tell you about how she married a great person and they had eight children and never have any of us heard them question that decision or make us feel like we weren't a good idea. I could try to explain the lists and charts that have been a part of our lives because of this lady or give you a few excerpts from her unbeatable (and often politically super-charged) emails. I could even get pretty serious and try to explain to you what she's been through in the last 3 years and how I still feel like somehow she's the one that got the rest of us through it. I could tell you how good I feel when she calls me Sunshine Girl or how proud I am to answer 'yes' when someone asks if I'm her daughter. I can tell you how to make her fruit soup (but yours will never be as good) or how her quilts feel better wrapped around me than any others or how long it takes before her laughs turn into tears. But, I'm pretty sure that no matter what I write, words will fail to explain how happy my heart is that she's here and that she's mine. So, just know that it's REALLY happy, and we'll call it good. Deal?


abby said...

that made me cry a lil bit. she sounds awesome.

Sarah said...

Katie, you have such a way with words. I know exactly what you mean about all those things. What a great gal our Mom is.

shayna said...

That was perfect...a perfect tribute to Rachel. What a beautiful lady.