May 7, 2009

while i was gone

For some reason, I decided it'd be a really cool idea to catch a flight to Portland, like, 5 hours after I finished moving into a new house. Turns out, it really was. Cuz I got to hang out with these dudes (and their parents):

we had a really great time together

we also went to Creswell to visit the other bunnies!

and their new bunny (Ricey):

Some things I learned on this visit:
-Don't pack exclusively leather footwear for a weekend in Portland
-How to ride The Max (kinda)
-There is such a thing as too many cheetos
-I kinda like sun more than rain
-Paper Source+me is a very dangerous combination
-No matter how much greener than Las Vegas it is, Utah is still a desert
-PDX is the calmest airport in the world

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