Nov 12, 2009

I could really go for a slice right now OR This is mostly for my mom and sisters

I don't know what to say about New York besides that I loved it and I haven't stopped thinking about it since I got back. I wanna go there worse now then I did before I ever went. So that's dangerous. Overall: there was perfect weather and perfect company and perfect surroundings. And now I'll show you a million pictures. (Big thank you, Heather, for taking a million pictures.) I guess I'll just go by day.

Day One:

Carrie, Eric and I are the only Blondes in this city.
I like eye contact way too much for this city.
Subways stopping and making us take a bus aren't cool.
Times Square is just a giant Vegas.
Not impressed (is anyone surprised?)

bryant park rules

carrie's dream of meeting john stamos—realized. (After we saw him perform in Bye Bye Birdie. He totally double-took her and also told her 'she's tall' and signed her program. The play was kinda just so-so.)

Day Two:
Learning how not to smile at people.
Not everywhere's as dirty as Times Square.
If I don't move to the Brooklyn Bridge, The High Line is my 2nd choice.
I'd like to spend about 3 weeks walking around Central Park/Museums.
My body hurts.
I'm completely sold on this place. (oh, so that changed? weird.)

Chelsea market

Just a building. There are tons of these there.

View from the High Line-I could stare at this for probably 9 days and not get bored.

Staten Island Ferry. Really great lighting for a group shot.

Envelopes in the MET!

Ancient temple in the MET!

Gossip Girls

Central Park

This guy

Central Park

Happy friends

Day Three:
Stone cold face wherever I went! Obviously I was a natural.
Cupcakes for breakfast. Pizza for lunch. Pizza for dinner.
Flirting with Letterman employees.
Ground zero.
Yes, I wore that obnoxious bow in my hair for some portion of every day.
Strand Bookstore-I adore you.
Schlepping to Brooklyn.
Best night.

We saw this. With Bill Murray

"So we're in Italy and this guy just turns around and starts yelling at us..."

Grimaldi's Pizza

Manhattan, from Brooklyn

Our long-legged tour guides and their city

Heather loves this one. (so do i)

Day Four:

I can't believe it's our last day.
I might cry when we leave.
Let's go to 5th Avenue.

Grand Central Station

We spent a lot of time down here

and on here (so what if my feet don't touch the ground)

our puke green hostel walls

And that's New York! There are like 900 more pictures where these came from. And that's literally. My list of places to go next time is growing rapidly. In fact, I will probably start sending my headshot around so i can be booking some gigs there pretty soon.


Bean said...

how was the hostel? I've always wondered about those. This looks so fun! You have made me want to go so bad. Want to fly to Maryland and babysit?

lauren said...

FUN!!!!!!!!! I am as jealous as one can be.

hanner said...

please please let us know next time you think of coming. it's like a dollar on the bus for us to go there and we've never been. and you guys look like fun.

Patrice Pedersen said...

What, that looked so fun!!!

(i'n a kakie) said...

Bean-We had a private room in our hostel, so just 2 double beds with a door. Then shared a bathroom, which wasn't really an issue. I would recommend bringing your own sheets, that's the only thing that really got to me. Yes, I'll come babysit.

Hannannannah! We said probably 12 times over the weekend 'let's get robbie and hannah up here!' but we just never did. And I'm sorry for that. It all happened so fast.

Guys, it really was as fun as it looks. Sorry.

hanner said...

mehhhh we wouldn't have been able to come anyway but 4 realz next time. NEXT TIME. if there is one.

me said...


(i'n a kakie) said...

that was just for you, meggy honey!

momacita said...

Does everyone really dress in all black?

Veronica said...

i would also like to come next time. can i please come? flights from cincinnati are like $5.

em said...

yes! When are we moving!? glad you did this.