Nov 17, 2009

Steals of the Week Pt. 1

Urban was very kind to me the other day. Extra 50% off all home sale stuff AKA Happy Birthday Kate! I'll probably show you everything I got cuz I love them all. We'll start with the pretty, pretty calculator on my desk. Original price: $28. My price: $2.50. Do I need a calculator on my desk? No. Sometimes is the sole function of an item to make me happy when I look at it/push its buttons? Yes. Is it kind of a mean trick to stick a solar-powered calculator in this basement with me? Yes.


christina said...

your fingers are pretty, too.

angela hardison said...

i like it.

also, i have that top (urban, right?) except i tried to cut the elastic out of the bottom and then sew it, and sort of ruined it.