Aug 23, 2010

and another thing

My perfect Italy skirt is half-off now. So everyone should go get one cuz it's perfect. Cept not really cuz don't steal my thunder. Cept kinda cuz it's really perfect. Maybe I should go get the other color? Maybe I should just save my money for a cello? And now I'm going to advertise the skirt by showing you cool stuff you could do in it. Mostly cuz I can't sleep right now and a little because I feel like looking through Italy pictures again and maybe also cuz this is my blog. Ah, here we go:

You can match cool bright houses in this skirt!

You can totally eat pizza on the street in Venice while it rains in this skirt!

This is in Utah but you can for sure wear this skirt in Utah. And for sure while you play sports with your friends! (I know-best spiral!)

You can sneak around in way old stuff in this skirt!
Utah again. Laying on trampolines is a dream in this skirt!

This whole post was pretty dumb. Oops! Sorry!


angela hardison said...

heyyy i almost bought that skirt this weekend. except i couldn't decide which color. and then i bought something else instead. now i'm wishing i had.

shayna said...

This needed to be done. I bet Vermont would be so much better if I had that skirt.