Aug 22, 2010

ya big bowlie

I think one of the meanest/best tricks I've ever fallen victim to is Anthropologie's stupid latte bowls. They so conveniently release new colors periodically and they know exactly what they're doing because it's always JUST the color to revamp my stack. And I buy one. I'm weak, okay. But it makes doing the dishes a lot more fun (I think I learned everything I know about color from doing the dishes) so maybe it's not a total loss?

Speaking of being a trend pimp-you guys should probably watch Josie and the Pussycats again.


Jane said...

you and kristine are sure friends.
when she moved, not only did we have to find a new roommate, we had to buy new bowls.

and what about Wedding Singer? I want to watch that again.

shayna said...

Or maybe watch it for the first time. Is there still time for the first time?

Jill said...

this movie totally reminds me of you. Didn't we see it together at the Cinedome? good times.

kate said...

yes wedding singer!
what shayna how?
yes jill!

Kristine said...

kate i love you so much for this post.